What You Need, to Get Driving

Income Verification – 3 Months

  • Bank Statements for Direct Deposit
  • Pay Stubs
  • Completed Verification of Employment/Income Form

Residency Verification

Rental Agreement /Lease

  • Mortgage Statement /Property Appraiser’s Print Out
  • Completed Verification of Residency Form

Copy of Valid Driver’s License

Proof of Social Security Number

  • Any official document with SS# on it

Completed Attached Customer Info Packet

Utility Bill in Buyer’s Name, at Physical Address

  • Electric, Cable, Etc. or Completed Verification of Residency Form if utilities are not in Buyer’s name.

Full Coverage Insurance (Max. $500 Deductible)

  • If you don’t have coverage already established, wait until you get here. WE CAN HELP!

If you have any questions please call 352-527-3000. You can fax all documents to 352-527-7400